You will see that big gardens and lawns need a lot of maintenance that is you must purchase special gardening tools for them. If you want to maintain for lawn in a great condition then the push lawn mower is the most important equipment that you must consider purchasing. It has excellent features and functions and with its help you can trim, cut and cleans your lawn in the most convenient manner. Push mowers are better than electric or gas mowers as you do not require external power to operate. Push lawn mower is very important equipment when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your backyard or garden in an attractive way. It is very convenient to use and you do not even have to supply any outside power to make it work.

Well so now let me tell you about the excellent push lawn mowers that are available in the market and about their various advantages.

1. Types of push lawn mowers
You would be surprised to know that even push lawn mowers are available in various different models.

* The standard model that is very easily available and is priced reasonably. This mower would last for many years but you have to maintain it in a proper manner. Make sure that you clean the on a regular basis. Change the spark plug and oil on a regular interval for the mower to work in an efficient manner.

* Another option that you can select is the self propelled mower. This product has gears that would help in making mowing the lawn very easy from you. As they are self propelled, you do not even have to drag them. This equipment is a bit costly but it works with great efficiency and speed.

2. Uses of the lawn mower
The mower is used for various different purposes that is why you must surely purchase it for your house.

* You will see that this equipment helps you in mowing a large area without any difficulty.

* I would like to tell you that the mowers can even work on rough surfaces and they help in cutting the grass in an even manner with the help of clippers. Trimming, mowing, cutting, mulching and cleaning are some of the most important functions that are performed by the mowers.

The above mentioned points would surely provide you all the essential information about the types of mowers and their uses. I am sure with the help of the article you would really be able to purchase the best mower for your home.

Are you shopping for a manual push lawn mower? Buy A Push Mower has the eco-friendly lawnmowers and tips you need to keep your lawn green and healthy for years to come.

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Title: 1914 Griffith and Turner Co. : farm and garden supplies
Identifier: 1914griffithturn1914grif
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Griffith and Turner Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Agricultural implements Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs
Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Griffith and Turner Co. , 1914
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PREPARATION AND CARE OF LAWNS THE ground should be thoroughly drained and well enriched before mowing Work the soil until well pulverized, and have the surface as level as possible, so that the grass may present an even ap- pearance After sowing, cover seed lightly and follow with roller. The best results are obtained by using plenty of seed, four bushels to the acre being about the right quantity. One quart is sufficient for 300 square feet. Let the grass obtain a good start before cutting, and then it should be trimmed with a lawn mower about every ten days. Old lawns may be improved and renewed by the application of fertilizers and seeding about half the quantity of seed required for new lawns. This should be done whenever they show any thin places. Griffith & Turner Co.’s Evergreen Lawn Grass This is a first-class mixture prepared by ourselves, and containing nothing but choice seeds—just the thing for tennis, croquet and ball grounds, remaining green and fresh during the hot summer months. Widely known and extensively used on the finest private and public grounds around Baltimore, Washington and elsewhere with the most satisfactory results. Nothing adds to the attractiveness of suburban homes more than a well-kept, closely-cut, velvety lawn; hence the 1m- nortance of securin- the best seeds This we offer in our selected Evergreen Lawn Mixture, containing different varieties ens. L.nib »e uu ^ ^ a rjcn green, velvety lawn is constantly maintained. It is Quart, 20c; by mail, 25c. V» Peck, 65c. Peck, $1.10. Bushel of that grow and flourish at different months of th adapted to the small grass plots of city homes. Pint, 10c 20 pounds, $4.00. By freight or express, not prepaid, DANDELION PULLER, Price 50c To Kill Dandelions, You Must Get the Boots. You slide the steel trowel shaped blade of the puller straight down into the soil, close to weed. Then push handle ward weed pull up The root is caught by a patented double-tooth prong which projects from inside of blade, and up comes the root to the last inch, nothing left to start new growth. As the pull is directly up, the ground and lawn around the weed is un- disturbed. The clog- proof prong which gets the root is the patented feature. Besides Dande- lions, it pulls plantain and other weeds.

Text Appearing After Image:
PARK LAWN GRASS This mixture does not contain so much of the high-priced grasses as our Evergreen Lawn Grass, but it is superior to many of the cheap grades offered, and will make a very nice lawn. Qt., 20c. Peck, $1.00. Bus. of 16 lbs., $3.00. CUE LAWN GRASS SHOULD NOT BE CONFOUNDED WITH THE CHEAP, CHAFFY GRASSES OFFERED AT LOW PRICES. Griffith & Turner Co.’s Golf Link Mixture Bushel $3.75. Ten-Bushel Lots $3.50 bus. There being a growing demand for a grass mixture suitable for golf and cricket grounds, we have made a study of the grasses best adapted to these purposes, and have them mixed m proper propor- tions to give desired results. Many of the public and private grounds around Baltimore and other places have been sown with our mix- tures, and the grounds have won the admiration of thousands ot visitors. . . , •. • •• .’,, • It is highly essential that golf and cricket grounds should be mowed closer than ordinary lawns. 14 pounds to bushel. SHADY NOOK GRASS On nearly all lawns there are bare spots under the shade of trees. With this mixture the above can be easily corrected. It is a com- bination of grasses which are found growing in the woods in their natural state. Ground that has been densely shaded by trees is frequently "sour" and is apt to be covered with moss. In such cases apply slacked lime at the rate of one bushel per thousand square feet, but the moss should be first removed with a rake. Price: Lb., 35c. 5 lbs., $1.65. Bushel of 20 lbs., $6.00. Add 8c. for postage. "TERRACE" SOD MIXTURE A special mixture of grasses best suited for sowing on terraces, railroad embankments and side hills—grasses that produce strong, spreading roots, thus preventing heavy rains from washing them out; that will withstand drought and exposure, thrive on shallow soils, and at the same time produce a rich, velvety green turf throughout the season. Qt„ 35c. Peck, $2.00. Bushel of 20 lbs., $6.00. Delivered free anywhere in America.

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