7D2D – How to Garden & Farm (7 Days to Die)

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Here’s a tutorial on how to do gardening and farming in 7 Days to Die. In the video, I show you how to grow potatoes, blueberries, and corn. There’s many different designs and ways you can grow, and this is just one of my common setups. Another popular one is raised garden boxes, which works very well so you don’t accidentally destroy your plants. You can also take this design underground, as the setup is the exact same!

Mill Dene Garden 21-09-2013
Mill Dene Garden – Hidden in the Cotswolds

Mill Dene is a romantic story of a young couple falling in love with each other and a beautiful Cotswold stone water mill.

Knowing nothing about gardening the Dares set about creating one of the most interesting gardens in the Cotswolds. It is personal, witty, surprising and of course, beautiful as well as horticulturally excellent. Features of this 1Ha (2 1/2 acres) garden include a misty grotto, a bog garden and stream. There are plenty of seats from which to enjoy the mill pond and its trout, kingfisher and ducks. It is an exercise in making the most of a difficult and steep sided site. It is also an exercise in creating something beautiful in which to meditate and to nourish the senses.

How to define it? An English country garden? Yes, but with fun and surprises: There is the relaxed and tranquil mill pond and grotto, then there are the hidden signs suggesting you go to Stoke on Trent (in the nicest possible way!) and a Fruit Garden with wonderful views over the hills but with gooseberry bushes under which were found the family grandchildren!! The herb potager has plants with medicinal, culinary and pot pourri uses but also aphrodisiacs!
By Karen Roe on 2013-09-21 11:48:01