As the tough economy continues to wreak havoc on the manufacturing industry in Ohio and other Midwestern states, many business owners are turning to the mobile yard ramp as a way to increase productivity and lower cost. The trip from the truck to the manufacturing floor is now easier for those businesses struggling with lack of dock space with the use of this helpful tool.

Why is the mobile yard ramp a smart solution? Below are six reasons why Ohio businesses are turning to the mobile yard ramp for all their freight movement needs.

Simple to Use – With a little training on both everyday use and safety, you can quickly become an expert on how to work with a mobile yard ramp. With additional features such as a tow bar and ramp clamps, one can quickly move and adjust the ramp as needed. Their simple construction and design make them easy to understand and maintain.

Cost Effective – Renting a building with a permanent dock can be a costly struggle. If this type of setup is out of your price range you may want to consider a smaller building without a permanent dock while utilizing a forklift ramp for all your truckload needs. Purchasing a steel unit or buying used will further lower the cost. Many companies also now offer lease to own or rental options for those not ready to make a commitment to buying a ramp outright.

Portability – One of the biggest features of the ramp is its portability. Being able to move these guys anywhere inside or outside is a huge benefit to many in the manufacturing world. Addressing immediate needs wherever they may occur is one of the reasons why Ohio businesses are so fond of the mobile yard ramp.

Safety Included – Many mobile yard ramps feature standard safety devices to protect both property and person. Hand rails, safety guards, and ramp clamps keep containers and forklifts moving safely as they load and unload from the truck. Open grill sheeting on the base helps keep the walkway surface free of built-up snow and debris.

Easy Fix to Many Problems – Only move a couple loads a day but need to move them quickly and efficiently? Don’t start looking for a pricey building with a permanent dock. Use the space you have with a portable ramp. If you decide to buy outright, you can also rent out your ramp when not in use. This can be very helpful for those that find their needs to be based on seasonal events or industry specific peaks.

Increased Productivity – Having to manually remove storage containers can be back breaking work taking up valuable time and resources. You can keep your employees moving quickly by using just a forklift and mobile yard ramp. Getting the containers in the building quicker or getting the shipments out faster will swiftly create a return on investment in your initial cost of the ramp.

For the Ohio manufacturing industry, a mobile yard ramp is becoming one of the most sought after equipment investments. With its long list of benefits and attractive price, this time-saving tool will shortly be sweeping across the entire Midwest.

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